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My name is Kyle Hamilton. I am a Canadian Rocky Mountain wedding photographer. I travel all over the Rocky Mountains capturing the essence of couple's special day.

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I’ve decided to start a little series called, “The Adventure Bride”.

In this series, I’ll share some of the things that I’ve learned over almost a decade of shooting weddings in the mountains that will help future brides get the most out of their day.

First topic: footwear.

You brides will know better than I the potential perils of high-heeled footwear, and uneven terrain.  But, how do you get from Point A to Point B while still looking stylish?  Who cares! Its more important that you’re able to do it safely than to do it looking good (Its not like your photo will end up on some blog and be seen by thousands of people, right?…)

Over the years, I’ve seen it all: Barefoot, flip-flops, rubber boots, hiking boots, and the odd running shoe or flat.  I definitely recommend a sturdy set of footwear, and sometimes even something waterproof, to get around in while we are out shooting the creative portraits.  It will save your nice shoes for the reception (and/or ceremony), and make you’re not worrying about spraining an ankle.

Do you have plans for an outdoor wedding, with a bit of adventure thrown in?  If so, drop a comment and let me know what you plan on wearing on your feet.  If you’ve got some crazy adventurous plans, lets get together and chat!


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