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My name is Kyle Hamilton. I am a Canadian Rocky Mountain wedding photographer. I travel all over the Rocky Mountains capturing the essence of couple's special day.

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I grew in Saskatoon, so it’s always a treat to get to travel back “home” to work, and visit friends and family.  This particular trip was going to be extra special, since it was for my cousin’s wedding.  I still see Jill as my little cousin, so to think of her getting married is a bit of a trip.  Daryll is a great guy.  He’s from England, but, since my wife is English, I can’t really fault him for it.  Its been pretty cool watching Jill and Daryll’s relationship evolve and mature, even if I really only saw them once or twice a year at big family gatherings.  The venue that they chose for their wedding, The Willows Golf and Country Club, is a fantastic venue with a gorgeous old red barn.Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-1 Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-27 Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-29   Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-37 Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-41 Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-43 Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-79    Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-105    Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-226  Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-265  Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-306  Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-311

The groomsmen felt a little left out while I was working with the wedding couple, so they started imitating our poses.


Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-314Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-325Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-323  Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-330 Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-338

Durring dinner, I happen to notice that the sky behind the head table was rapidly changing from a blue, to a glorious red prairie sunset.  I pulled Jill and Daryll away from their meal, and we rushed out just in time to catch the last fading rays of colour.

Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-454 Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-456  Jill&Daryll_Saskatoon_Wedding_WillowsG&CC-462

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