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Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer

My name is Kyle Hamilton. I am a Canadian Rocky Mountain wedding photographer. I travel all over the Rocky Mountains capturing the essence of couple's special day.

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Backyard weddings seem to be a bit of a theme for me this past summer.  First off I had Lisa and Holly‘s backyard wedding, and now Jason and Julie’s.  Jason hand-built a pergola for them to get married under in Julie’s dad’s backyard.  Check out the views!  I loved the intimacy of this wedding, no bridal party, just the two of them, their family and friends in the audience, and a whole lot of love.

Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-15 Jason&Julie_Fernie_Wedding_col1 Jason&Julie_Fernie_Wedding_col3 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-104 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-117_bw Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-118 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-120 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-136 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-144 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-279 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-297 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-352 Jason&Julie_Wedding_Fernie-col4 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-408 Julie&Jason_Fernie_Wedding_Livery-444

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