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Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer

My name is Kyle Hamilton. I am a Canadian Rocky Mountain wedding photographer. I travel all over the Rocky Mountains capturing the essence of couple's special day.

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Fernie, BC
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Sometimes, the weather doesn't always go as planned, or hoped for...

Jesper and Ashley's wedding was planned to be an outdoor ceremony with the three of us taking off on a helicopter flight afterwards for portraits, and landing at the base of Fernie Alpine Resort for their grand entrance to the Rusty Edge for their reception.  Instead, Mother Nature forced the ceremony indoors, and required that the heli flight be cancelled. Making some lemonade out of the situation, one of the groomsman contacted the owner of a sweet old van he'd seen listed for sale in town, and the owner graciously came up for some photos, and then to provide a bit of a chauffeur service to the couple.

After cocktail hour, the weather seemed to be clearing, so the couple and I snuck out to a nearby location for some portraits.  160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-15 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-20 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-34 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-40 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-43 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-134 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-163 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-186 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-202 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-218 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-282 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-455 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-479 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-508 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-509 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-515 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-522 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-540 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-545 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-562 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-575 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-581 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-632 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-633 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-635 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-670 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-674 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-681 160929_Jesper&Ashley_FernieWedding_KHP-683

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