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Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer

My name is Kyle Hamilton. I am a Canadian Rocky Mountain wedding photographer. I travel all over the Rocky Mountains capturing the essence of couple's special day.

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Fernie, BC
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I met Caitlin and Ian a couple years ago at a wedding I shot at St. Eugene Mission in Kimberley BC.  Caitlin was one of the bridesmaids in that wedding party, and she loved working with me so much, she wanted to make sure I was going to be free when she got married.
The ceremony and reception were at Lizard Creek Lodge.  Hair and make-up by Zoe at No.3
Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-21 Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-25 Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-34 Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-45 Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-55_bw Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-141

Judging by the expressions on the flower girl and ring bearers’ faces’, this wedding was serious business!

Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-178_bw Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-179_bw Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-181_bw Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-330_bw Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-351 Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-365_bw Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-368 Caitlin&Ian_Fernie_LizardCreekLodge_Wedding-373_bw

I don’t often use flash or artificial lighting for portraits on the wedding day, but I had a new Fuji x100s that I have been playing around with, and wanted to see what I could do with a 1/1600th of a second flash sync.  Shooting wide open (f2.0, iso 400, Einstein 640 at 1/8th power) at 2pm, and it looks like dusk…


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