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Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer

My name is Kyle Hamilton. I am a Canadian Rocky Mountain wedding photographer. I travel all over the Rocky Mountains capturing the essence of couple's special day.

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Fernie, BC
+1 (250) 423 0904
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The best part of being a wedding photographer, and lover of the outdoors, is when I get to combine my love for adventure with my client’s wedding day. One wedding location that I had heard of, but that I have never had the chance to shoot at, was finally ticked off my list with Ashley and Rob’s wedding.  Now that I’ve been there, its now my #1 recommended location for images.  The landscape and views from Bisaro Meadows are unreal.  Its almost like being on a different planet.  Its true remote alpine terrain, unlike anything easily accessible from town.  Rob and Ashley were truly amazing to work with, and not afraid to go the extra bit to capture the images we all had in mind for the heli flight.

We started off the day with some images around the venue, Island Lake Lodge, and then loaded the heli for our flight. To cap off a phenomenal day, we had an amazing 4 minute long sunset to capture a spectacular group shot, and then the skis cleared…160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-27 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-458
160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-441 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-391 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-66 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-78 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-80 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-193 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-138 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-176 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-162 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-154 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-150 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-113 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-112 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-100 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-614 160806_Ashley&Rob_FernieWedding_KHP-711

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