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Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer

My name is Kyle Hamilton. I am a Canadian Rocky Mountain wedding photographer. I travel all over the Rocky Mountains capturing the essence of couple's special day.

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Fernie, BC
+1 (250) 423 0904
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About me

Your wedding day… and the start of your next adventure together. I specialize in Rocky Mountain wedding photography.My goal is to create stunning images for you of keep forever as memories of your special day.

But, its not just the jaw dropping, “get a thousand likes on Facebook/Instagram” images that I aim to create. I love finding the intimate moments between you, your family, and guests, and capturing them, with no one knowing until after the moment has passed.  Anyone with a camera can create good images, but capturing stunning vistas and split second emotions that tell a story is an art.

Edited photos are included, and delivered, in a secure and private online gallery with all weddings. If you want, you can easily share them with friends and family, near and wide, with a couple clicks of a button. But, I firmly believe that delivering just digital files is like going to a restaurant, and the chef just sending out the meal’s ingredients. What separates the ho-hum restaurants from the very good restaurants is how they finish and display their creation.  Which is why I also want to make sure that every single client either receives a custom designed, heirloom storybook of their day, or a piece of fine art to proudly hang on their wall. When your mother-in-law (or aunt/uncle/neighbour/etc.) comes over for a visit, you don’t want to sit in front of a computer screen and scroll through images.  You want to proudly show off how cool and amazing your special day was. And nothing says how much you love each other, and want to remember this day for the rest of your lives than a unique piece of art of the two of you.

Give me a call, let’s make your wedding day the one you will always remember.


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